Sound in Ubuntu 10.04 - Security videos and podcasts

Willing to enjoy security videos or podcasts such as the following ones?

- irongeek
- owasp
- schmoocon

- pauldotcom
- risky business
- eurotrash
- social engineer

... and, for whatever reason, your new installation of Ubuntu 10.04 does not provide you with sound in your laptop or desktop? Try this one:

user@machine:~$ sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer

user@machine:~$ gnome-alsamixer

This alsa-related sound app offers you a way to, usually successfully, control your speakers and micro in an easy manner. Pay special attention to the PCM control feature.

Happy listening!

By the way, does your machine enter into power saving mode while watching security videos? That is annoying. Try caffeine, a little python app.