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Decrypting AES-encrypted zip files

7-Zip, available here with a GNU LGPL license, is capable of encrypting and decrypting with AES while compressing and decompressing files.
Once you install 7z in a Linux box (e.g. with the command line $ sudo apt-get install p7zip-full), the entire documentation on how to use the tool can be found locally in the path
/usr/share/doc/p7zip-full/DOCS/MANUAL/index.htm .

Some examples of command lines:

- to decrypt all docs while decompressing a zip file:
$ 7z e Zipfilename *.doc -r
- to create an encrypted zip file (or to add to an existing one):
$ 7z a Zipfilename -ppassword file.tozip
- to extract an encrypted zip file:
$ 7z x Zipfilename -ppassword

Happy 7z use!

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