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Rationalsurvivability is Chris Hoff's personal blog. Chris is a renowned IT security architect, currently working for Juniper. Browsing his Linkedin presence, you read about the technical security and network management positions he has held in companies like Cisco, Unisys or Qualys. His career confirms the value of the suggestions he writes in rationalsurvivability.

Just the name of the blog, rationalsurvivability, hints the strategic change in information security that the author suggests. In security, rather than trying to get close to the illusion of total, or "almost total" security, the survival of our organizations should be our mission. Innovate to survive. Using a term coined in psychology, the aim should be to improve the "resilience" of the business and therefore, of their processes.

Chris's articles are not for beginners. Technology lovers who are passionate about security and are willing to challenge their views with alternative or controversial content will enjoy rationalsurvivability: An invitation to enhance the role of information security and its practitioners in organisations.

Since 2006, at least once a month, using a typical template Wordpress, Chris publishes ideas on strategic issues such as the lack of real innovation in current security solutions, creating added value through software security as a service , virtualization and complex network management software or the opportunity to improve security in organizations using cloud services.

An attractive point of his site is the variety of topics covered and the frequent link to his conversations on twitter: from a text about the differences between real and virtual firewall to a futuristic proposal on the use of social networks to interact with machines.

In an example of controversial article, Chris reiterates the intrinsic value of the security professionals community comparing security integrators with the service industry for pets: both devote too much energy to criticize, and not constructively, the industry that supports them.

Further evidence of the interest in this blog and the value of the ideas proposed are the comments left by names like Dan Kaminski, Matt Joyce or Preston Wood.

Happy survival!

Let's help business to survive

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