Free of charge web-based photo geo-location - Exif data cleaning

Digital photo files contain exif data. Typical items within exif data are camera model, date and time of the picture, and, if taken with a GPS-enabled device, also the GPS coordinates where the photo was taken. If that is the case, how can we geo-locate a picture?

The Exif Firefox Add-on is an easy way to read exif data. Once you have access to the GPS coordenates, the process is easy. Here we present the steps to geo-locate free of charge (and web-based) a photo:

From GPS coordinates to a real physical location:
- Go to tomtom routes and add the GPS coordinates as shown below,
For the reverse process, from a real physical location to GPS coordinates:
- Go to and enter the physical location as shown below,

A quick way to delete exif data in your pictures is opening them with GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and saving them again unticking the advanced option of "save exif data".

Happy geo-location!