Book highlights: "Hit refresh" by Satya Nadella

Very telegraphically, these are my impressions after reading "Hit Refresh": 

- Impressive human being. He tells you how his personal experiences have shaped him, not only personally but also professionally.

Some of the ideas worth exploring that appear in the book are the following:

- Leadership is definitely an art.
- Empathy and compassion are skills leaders should have.
- We need to work comfortably with change and impermanence.
- "To be a leader here, oyur job is to find rose petals in a field of shit".
- The leader needs to link every employee's passion with the raison d'etre of the company.
- A sustainable ecosystem is required for a company to survive.
- Provide the environment for employees to find their personal balance.
- Other important topics: The link of technology, freedom and customers.
- The responsibility of a technology company with the world and the human beings.
- Most importantly, he also makes mistakes and learn from them.
- He is aware of the need to equally treat women and men in technology companies.

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