A security rucksack for Android

To start the year, I share a non-comprehensive list of security (or just handy) related Android apps that could constitute a sensible set of preventive security measures during our daily smartphone use & enjoyment:

To check what it is going on...
- Task Manager
- Network Monitor
- Antivirus (one of the handful of them)
- DroidWall 
- Virus Total
- Advanced Task Killer
- OS Monitor
- Startup Auditor

- X Ray
To prevent leaks...

- LBE Privacy Guard

To prevent losses...
- Titanium Backup

To save space...
- App2SD

To save energy...
- Juice Defender

To find files... 
- ES File Explorer

To avoid adds...
- AdAway

To find the device...
- Androidlost

A useful security suite (AV, antimalware, device locator - requiring GPS - and backup)
- Lookout

And to make space (sooner or later you'll need it)
- DiskUsage 

Thanks to all those who contributed to build this list.
Would you add other security apps to this list? Let me know.

Happy phoning!

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