Paella for hackers and security pros

To celebrate the end of the sixth year of the securityandrisk blog, this time my post is an alternative post. Information security professionals, "hackers" and "itsecuriteers" need to explore IT systems but they also need to eat every now and then ;-). I share with all readers one of the most precious cooking recipes. A crown jewel: The recipe of a modest but tasty version of the well known Valencian Paella - a typical dish with rice from Valencia, Spain.

Ingredients per serving
2 portions of chicken
1 portion of rabbit (it can also be spare ribs)
a glass (250ml) of water
half a glass (125ml) of rice
a quarter of an onion
half a red pepper

Other ingredients (typically for 4 people)
some vegetables e.g. green beans and peas
some seafood e.g. squid, mussels and prawns
crushed tomatoes (125ml)
2 to 4 cloves of garlic
saffron (this is expensive, you can also find paella colouring - less pricey)
olive oil

In a frying pan (or in the paella-pan, called paellera, if you have one) fry the salted portions of chicken and rabbit until they get a nice golden color. Once fried, place the fried portions on a plate nearby.
In the same frying pan, with the remaining oil, fry the chopped onions and peppers until they get slightly brown. Then, add the tomato and subsequently the selected vegetables and seafood. Once all those ingredients are lighthly brown, add the fried chicken and rabbit.

Mix the chopped garlic, salt and parsley in a wooden bowl with a wooden stick, if available. Otherwise, mix these spices as well as you can.

Add a glass of water (250 ml) per serving and the spice-mix until it starts boiling. Then, add 125 ml of rice per serving, well spread out through the paella-pan and finally the pinch of saffron. Cook all ingredients over a low heat for about 18 minutes and without a lid! Let the paella smell captivate you. Afterwards, turn off the heat, put the lid over the paella-pan and let it settle for 5 minutes.

You can now enjoy a paella for hackers and security pros!
Happy cooking and eating!

Security and cooking are human passions
Paella is a dish to share with people.
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