From a physical to a virtual machine

Sometimes it is smarter to install new security tools in a virtual machine rather than in our everyday's physical machine. Playing with virtual machines could facilitate the process of reverting back to the previous state.

VMware offers the possibility to download VMware converter. This tools helps you virtualising a physical machine. Just create an account in VMware site and you can download this tool, both in Linux and MS Windows flavours, through a link you receive in your inbox.

The process is simple, just install the converter in the physical machine you would like to virtualise and follow its wizard. Count on several hours to perform the process, depending on the size of the physical machine.

Once the conversion is done, you can simply use VMware player to access your new virtual machine. Before installing the newest and coolest security tool you want to test, copy the virtual machine directory to guarantee a backout possibility.

Welcome to the virtual world!