Where is this blog continuing its life? In Linkedin

Testing a new way to share ideas: Linkedin

Dear subscribers and readers... for the time being this blog is quite silent you would think... however, action continues somewhere else: here in my Linkedin profile.

I am just testing which channel is best and gets more relevance.

I will keep you posted!

Regards and thanks for following me

Following the path of knowledge

Book highlights: "Hit refresh" by Satya Nadella

Very telegraphically, these are my impressions after reading "Hit Refresh": 

- Impressive human being. He tells you how his personal experiences have shaped him, not only personally but also professionally.

Some of the ideas worth exploring that appear in the book are the following:

- Leadership is definitely an art.
- Empathy and compassion are skills leaders should have.
- We need to work comfortably with change and impermanence.
- "To be a leader here, oyur job is to find rose petals in a field of shit".
- The leader needs to link every employee's passion with the raison d'etre of the company.
- A sustainable ecosystem is required for a company to survive.
- Provide the environment for employees to find their personal balance.
- Other important topics: The link of technology, freedom and customers.
- The responsibility of a technology company with the world and the human beings.
- Most importantly, he also makes mistakes and learn from them.
- He is aware of the need to equally treat women and men in technology companies.

Learning every day

Book highlights: The Mathematics of Love by Hannah Fry

This brief book by Hannah Fry is inspired by her TED talk with the same title: The mathematics of love.

The main (very personal and non-comprehensive and biased) highlights I would like to share are:
- When finding a partner: Give people a chance. Reduce your requirement list to the minimum.
- Beauty is subjective and context-dependent. For singles, if you are invited to a party, get accompanied by a friend who is slightly less attractive (in general) than you.
- It's better to start a conversation with someone you feel attracted to rather than waiting for that someone to come to you. Maths say so.
- Online dating has potential (if people show themselves as they really are).
- Applying basic game theory, being disloyal is not economically benefitial.
- Complex network analysis help to study disease propagations.
- By showing rejection and disdain with your partner, the probability to split increases dramatically.

This time, nothing to do with Infosec. Or maybe yes?

food for thought?

Book tip: "Time management for system admins" by Thomas A. Limoncelli

Just some practical sentences about this book from 2005 by Thomas A. Limoncelli.

If you are working in Information Security or in Information Technology in general, and you need to improve managing your time and prioirities, this book deals with this eternal topic from a light (and IT based) viewpoint.

I do not favour a lot the omnipresent self-help books. However, this book could help if the reader needs to improve on this field or is under a lot of stress.

In a nuthsell, I would like to high light three points on time management:

- It needs to follow a focused and committed methodology.
- It helps organising any aspect of life.
- IT people has the advantage of being able to devise and use automation.

Happy reading!