Book highlights: The Mathematics of Love by Hannah Fry

This brief book by Hannah Fry is inspired by her TED talk with the same title: The mathematics of love.

The main (very personal and non-comprehensive and biased) highlights I would like to share are:
- When finding a partner: Give people a chance. Reduce your requirement list to the minimum.
- Beauty is subjective and context-dependent. For singles, if you are invited to a party, get accompanied by a friend who is slightly less attractive (in general) than you.
- It's better to start a conversation with someone you feel attracted to rather than waiting for that someone to come to you. Maths say so.
- Online dating has potential (if people show themselves as they really are).
- Applying basic game theory, being disloyal is not economically benefitial.
- Complex network analysis help to study disease propagations.
- By showing rejection and disdain with your partner, the probability to split increases dramatically.

This time, nothing to do with Infosec. Or maybe yes?

food for thought?