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Every single week, somewhere in the world, a security conference or presentation takes place. Attending all those events is not feasible. Sometimes we do not even know whether they will offer the minimum required quality. A website publishing high-quality security content presented in these events would provide great value to our security community.

This is the aim of, an elegant collection of links to documents, presentations, videos and audios presented at security conferences, events and podcasts organised in the past years and months. Examples of linked videos are:
- SSL and the future of authentication, by Moxie Marlinspike, presented at the "Black Hat 2011".
- Are we getting better? - Hacking Todays Technology, by Dave Kennedy, presented at "Hack in Paris 2013". is an initiative of the Italian Alessandro Tanasi. From Bologna, he is present in twitter with the nickname @jekil and he is also the author of a small security-related web titled

Its value proposition is to post links to high-quality security documentation, both from the content and format viewpoint. This documentation is, at least, worth checking. helps us to distinguish the wheat from the chaff: the site currently links to over half a terabyte of information. I imagine the first user of these links is Alessandro Tanasi himself.

Every linked content is also tagged. This facilitates searching. We can find links by tag, author, date and event.

New publications linked in can be tracked via its twitter account. One suggestion for Alessandro would be to offer the chance to contribute as a content reviewer. Maybe each content curator could appear in a reputation rank according to the value they provide.

In short, this site is a demonstration of how you can create a quality product that gives value back to our community. A nice initiative to grow the personal and professional brand.

Thanks Alessandro!

A version of this article in Spanish can be found here.

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