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Wikipedia reminds us that the Agora was a meeting place, an open space, the center of commerce, culture and political life in Ancient Greece. The section in devoted to information technology security, located at netsec, is the agora of our security community and profession. The place to visit to stay on top of the security news, both politically correct and incorrect.

Since its foundation in 2005, reddit became the global Internet bulletin board, especially for US-based users, living up the role that the "Bulletin Board Systems" (BBS) played in past decades. As an example of the relevance and currency of reddit net sec articles, the same day that Cisco has announced the purchase of Sourcefire, on July 23, 2013, a user on reddit (they are called "redditors") shared the piece of news in Reading the comments shared on reddit posted by users after reading the news hints the so important "market sentiment". It is comparable to follow a related "hashtag" on twitter.  

This network security section in reddit links to related subsections. For example, the social engineering, computer forensics or reverse engineering pages are valuable. The popularity of this site makes it an optimal site to witness and to participate in fruitful conversations between Information Security professionals (itsecuriteers) on technical, organizational and business-related topics. Anyone asking questions can receive interesting and alternative answers. Noteworthy is the link to a jobs site. While most positions are based in the U.S., there is a growing number of postings for positions in Europe and to work remotely.

Finally, there is also a place for those who starting in this field: The academic discussion forum (e.g. the "2013 Q3 Academic Program Thread"). There, students post their evaluations regarding
security degrees and training courses. 
A wise piece of general advice given by to those who want to post news or comments is to avoid creating unnecessary conflict: Something that we can also apply almost in any aspect of our lives.

Sometimes there is no room to manoeuvre

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Happy redditing!