Surviving success in entrepreneurship and... in IT security?

Stanford University shares with everyone on the Internet a series of podcasts and videos related to entrepreneurship through their Entrepreneurship Corner. These pills of knowledge are not intentionally related to information security. However, I find that the learning points mentioned there are worth at least some reflection time by itsecuriteers. For instance, Mark Forchette presented his talk on how to survive success. I drew some lessons from his talk:

lesson 1 - know what you want, set your objectives, promise you will achieve it

lesson 2 - you must have passion

lesson 3 - no matter what you do, you must know how to sell, everybody sells

(proposal of a book to read : how to master the art of selling)

lesson 4 - there is no failure that you can't recover from (so enjoy failures)

lesson 5 - strategy and tactical implementation = success (if you cannot execute the plan, it's not worth the paper it is written in)

lesson 6 - the most dangerous thing in the world is a past success you are still in love with  - surviving success is one of the most difficult things - the best day has to be ahead of you

lesson 7 - do things other than just for money

lesson 8 - people do business with people they like - business is a contact sport - be likeable

lesson 9 - prepare, prepare, prepare

lesson 10 - make sure the right people are on the right seat

Look at these 10 lessons from the IT security practitioner viewpoint. They can provide you with value.

Happy entrepreneurial reading!

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